Virtual Disk Drives

Attach High Performance All-Flash SSD Storage to your VMs

Premium SSD Virtual Disk Drive

$0.50/GB per month

Add Storage Volumes Anytime

Attach storage volumes to your VMs with Virtual SSD Disk Drives at any time for $0.50/GB per month.

All-Flash Storage Array

Premium All-Flash storage solution - Superfast performance on a hyperconverged infrastructure.

High Availability

Your data and content are replicated and securely hosted across multiple nodes.

Fast and flexible storage space to meet your file archiving, database, application and backup needs.

Virtual Disk Drive Features

Fast All-Flash Storage Arrays

Superfast storage solution with all-flash performance on a hyperconverged infrastructure.

SCSI Hard Drive

The Virtual Disk Drives are attached to your VM as a SCSI hard drive.

Highly Available and Secure

Your content and data are replicated and securely stored on multiple nodes.

Detach and Attach

You can detach your Virtual Disk Drive at any time and attach the hard drive to any other VM you manage.

Add Multiple SSD Disk Drives

Need multiple hard drives? No problem. Add and manage multiple Virtual Disk Drives.

Simple Control Panel

Use our powerful yet simple control panel to create and manage all your Virtual Disk Drives.

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