Deploy Microsoft SQL Servers in Asia

SQL Server is Microsoft's powerful flagship relational database.

Using our SQL server templates we make it easier to launch SQL Servers in the cloud.


Available Microsoft SQL Server Templates

Pricing information reflects add-on pricing on top of our Windows VPS Server plans.

--- More SQL Server Templates Coming Soon ---

SQL Eval

$0.00USD Per Month

  • We will install a 180-day free trial SQL Server 2016 evaluation edition.
  • Windows 2016 VPS
  • Customer completes SQL installation
  • Option to apply your own SQL license
  • Datacenter: Hong Kong

SQL Express

$0.00 USD Per Month

  • SQL Server Express is installed with the Windows Web Server template.
  • Requires Windows VPS
  • IIS 10 / IIS 8
  • SQL Server Express 2016
  • Datacenter: Hong Kong

SQL Server Hosting Features

Easy SQL Server Deployment

You can move faster and use our pre-built SQL server templates to deploy your SQL servers.

Windows Servers

We are a cloud hosting provider that offers low cost Windows Server VPS.

Technical Support Included

Technical support included for all customers with our hosting plans.

Remote Server Access

You have remote server access to the server with RDP and console access so you are full control.

Private Networking

Easily set up and manage a private internal network between multiple VMs.

100% Service Level Agreement

Our cloud hosting solution is reliable and we back it up with a 100% network SLA.

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